Top Challenges Of Security Camera Installation

The security camera installation comes with several challenges like any other part of the world. Some factors have a huge impact on the work. Your surveillance objectives and choice of camera will influence the type of camera you are going to use, and where it will be placed. The location of your camera is critical in deterring vandalism. It should be placed at a correct location that protects the camera itself and still have a great angle of view.

Camera purpose security camera

What is the purpose of your monitoring camera? You aim may be getting an overview of the area and track movement of objects and people. The aim of your camera should determine its placement position. If your aim is identifying the object or person, your camera must be focused or positioned in the way of capturing the level of detail necessary for the identification purposes. Atlanta police authorities do offer guidelines for positioning your camera.

Field of view

A rotating lens calculator is used to find the focal length of the lens needed to give desired field of view. Nowadays, there are online lens calculators. Using lens calculator has its downside as it fails take include any distortion of the lens used.

Light Considerations

Security Camera 05Light considerations are a must for proper camera placement. It is cost-effective and easy to add brighter lamps in both outdoor and indoor situations. This is necessary to provide light conditions needed to capture good quality images. Backlight should be avoided by repositioning the camera. You can use plants, curtains, or close blinds.

Camera angles

You should account for dead zones and detection zones. Usually, floor plans are used to provide the planning. Unfortunately, they only give the top view of the area.


Installation works require tools. These can include both power and hand tools. Nowadays, you can also use diagnostic equipment to carry out installation efficiently and successfully. Some of the tools needed include wrenches, cutters, hammer, pliers, and screwdrivers. A sturdy ladder is also needed. During the installation process, the installer should follow installation documentation. You should remove all the packaging and transport materials.Security Camera 06


During the camera installation, documentation to ensure the process is done correctly. This is necessary for future installations. When it is done properly, the number of customer calls has been found to be low. Also, all the aspects of physical work need to be documented during security camera installation Atlanta as it is required by the end user.