Tree Care Tips in Homes

Trees just like the other things that constitute Mother Nature need care. Whether they are seedling, newly planted, or already grown, trees need care so as to thrive. The pageĀ has got plenty of information on tree removals.

When we do not take care of trees, then they will not be able to reach their full potential. The lack of tree care can make the trees susceptible to disease, pests, and even death. The following are some of the tree care tips.

Best Tips


The trees should receive twenty-five gallons of water every week which is equivalent to about one and a half inches of rainfall. gfgfgfgfgfgfgMulching refers to the protective covering of the rotting vegetable matter that is placed on the root of the trees to reduce the evaporation rate. It is critical to mulch the trees each season so as to keep the soil moist and to prevent the growth of weeds.

When mulching, it is advisable to use the leaf compost or the shredded back. Secondly, during the application of the mulch, it is vital to apply the 3-3 rule which advocates for the use of three inches of mulch in a three-foot ring with a three-inch space around the tree. The volcano mulching should be avoided.

Trunk guard

The tree should also be protected from the lawn mowers, wildlife, and the weed whackers. Installing a trunk guard at the base of the tree will help keep the nutrients and the water supply from being cut. The trunk guards will also protect the trees from the small animals like the rodents.


Another tree care tip is pruning. Pruning is defined as cutting or weeding out the unnecessary or un-required parts. When trees grow, they usually spread out their branches. Some of these branches are usually unnecessary. One way of ensuring that the nutrient that is supplied to the tree is utilized well is through the pruning process.

When pruning it is imperative to use sharp and clean tools, it is also recommended to sanitize the tools when pruning different trees. When pruning it is advisable always to cut to a lateral branch, main trunk, or a bud. Secondly, it is advisable never to leave the leave stubs and to use the three-cut method for the large branches that are more than two-inches in diameter.


fgfgfgfgfgfgfgfgTiming is also vital when taking care of trees. Whenever there is a damaged, diseased. Or broken wood or tree in the yard then that is the best time to remove it.

The structural pruning should be done during the dormant season when all leaves are down from the deciduous trees. There are other trees whereby pruning should be done after they flower.

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