Factors to consider when choosing the best grass seed for your lawn

Most homeowners, especially those who have a wide front yard, utilize different types of grass to plant on their lawn. This not only beautifies the environment, but also adds value to the property. And so, if you want to have a nice and attractive lawn, it is necessary that you select the best grass seed that is good for your front yard.

Choosing the best grass seedseed-779822_640

Selecting the best grass seed that you can use may be a little complicated because there are several different species that you need to choose from.

You can’t just go ahead and pick one up without considering some factors like the weather of the place where you live at, the condition of the environment, and the main purpose of your lawn. It is quite important that you take a look at these things first before you select the species of seed.

Otherwise, you will just end up with a not-so-good lawn and all your time and effort will be wasted.

The place where you live

The place where you live at has a great impact on the growth of the grass. And so, you have to choose between the two major classifications of grass seed; cool season grasses and warm season grasses, according to the weather of the area where you reside. If you live in a place with a long winter time, then you can use the cool season grasses Such as Kentucky Bluegrass and Perennial rye grass. On the other hand, if you are in an area where the winter season is mild, you may opt for the warm season grasses like Bermuda grass, Zoysia grass, and Buffalo grass.

The condition of the environment

Another important thing that you have to do is to inspect the area where you would like to plant the grass seed on. Check if the soil is rich enough to be conducive to grass growth. You have to remember that some grass seed types may require better drainage when compared to others. Additionally, you have to determine the amount of sunlight as well as the average amount of rainfall that goes through the area.

dandelion-319939_640The purpose of your lawn

The best grass seed that would work best for your lawn would also depend on the main purpose of the area. If you are thinking of using the yard as a place for some games or other outdoor activities, choose a grass seed that can tolerate foot traffics. This types of grass, however, will require more maintenance than that of the grasses that are for decorative purposes only.

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